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Brief History of the Library

            The Federal University of Technology, Yola was established by law in 1981, as one of the Seven Federal Universities of Technology, which were brought about by the change in education policy towards technological self-reliance.  The Library began in a temporary building up to 3rd October, 1990 when the present library building was completed and commissioned.  The physical building is capable of accommodating 50,000 volumes of books; 100 titles of journals, 750 readers and 50 staff. The library suffered from the lack of early appointment of a University Librarian until the first University Librarian, Dr. (Mrs.) Victoria W. Udoh assumed duty in February 1992.  The second University Librarian, Professor Benki S. H. Womboh assumed duty on 1st September, 2002 while the present University Librarian Dr. Tukur Abba (CLN), who assumed duty on 28th November, 2013. The total staff strength in 2007 stood at 36, comprising 6 (six) academic, 17 (seventeen) senior non-academic librarians 16 (sixteen) junior; total Chartered Professional Librarians (Academic Librarians) and 31 supporting staff. Currently, the library has a stock of 35,524 volumes of books and subscribes to 2,677 titles of foreign and many local journals.


Mission and Vision

            The University Library is committed to the provision of quality library and information resources and services in support of the teaching, learning, research and creative work in the university.  This is achieved through the liberalization and democratization of access to recorded knowledge in print and electronic formats as well as on the Internet with a strong drive towards library Automation.


Goals of MAUTECH Library

These goals, which are tied to the mission of the Library, are to:


  • Liberalize and democratize access to recorded knowledge both in print and electronic formats as well as on the Internet.

  • Ensure that books find their readers and vice versa.  In other words, to provide the right book to the right reader at the right time.

  • Keep the resources up-to-date and adequate in terms of quantity and quality

  • Achieve equitable circulation and dissemination of the resources through short term (Books on reserve), long time lending systems, and even special overnight lending and E-sharing.

  • Support the teaching, learning, creative and research activities of MAUTECH through the:

      -Systematic acquisition and organization of books and journals.

      -Rational distribution of books and journals among the academic programmes on the basis of need. The need to be                     determined by the population of students per academic programme, vis-à-vis available financial resources.

Objectives of the Library

  1. Provision of adequate materials in support of the learning process; that is, materials for students’ background reading for essays, term papers and projects.

  2. Provision of relevant materials to meet the requirements of faculty specialists, postgraduate students and researchers;

  3. Provision of core materials to assist the library user in his self-development;

  4. Cooperation with other University Libraries with a view to developing a network of academic library resources, which are at the disposal of all students and teaching staff.

The provision of materials is not only to meet the immediate needs of students and faculty staff but also to help the University realize its strategic, long term, objectives of training and graduating men and women who are academically, technically and morally sound.


Library Organization (Organogram)

The library is operationally divided into six divisions, namely:

  1. Administrative Division

  2. Collection Development Division

  3. Technical Services Division

  4. Readers’ Services Division

  5. Serials Division

  6. Online/Media Cyber Café Division


Opening Hours and Services

Semester Period:

Monday – Saturday                            -           8.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Sundays                                               -           5.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Public Holidays                                    -           Closed


Vacation Period:

Monday – Saturday                            -           8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Sunday and Public Holidays              -           Closed



The following are eligible to register as library members:

  1. Full-time and part-time senior teaching and research staff of the University;

  2. Members of the University Council;

  3. Registered full-time and part-time postgraduate students;

  4. Registered full-time and part-time undergraduate students; and non-graduate students.

  5. University employees, other than those mentioned in (i) above;

  6. Non-members of the University who are permitted to use the library by the University Librarian.



  1. No person is allowed to use the Library until he or she is registered. All students are registered annually at the beginning of every session, except members of staff who are registered only once for the duration of their stay in the University.

  2. Registration is done by completing the appropriate registration forms and, in the case of faculty members, by producing letters of introduction from their Heads of Departments after which they are issued with the necessary borrower’s tickets.

  3. All library users must have their University identity cards with them when using the library as they may be requested to identify themselves at any time by the library staff.


Ibrahim Babangida Library Management Team


1.    Dr. Tukur Abba (CLN)                  -           Ag. University Librarian

2.    Mrs.     Norah Yusuf                     -           Head Media Online

3.    Mrs. H. B. Aliyu                             -           Senior Librarian & Head CDD

4.    Mr. Moses Janteku                      -           Graduate Librarian& Head Serials

5.    Prof. Benki S. H.Womboh           -           Head of Technical Services

6.    Mrs. Gloria Ladu                          -           Asst. Librarian & Head RSD

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